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A short story:

Founded in 2002 by Frédéric L'Epée, Yang is an instrumental rock quartet which compositions mix guitar counterpoints with a powerful rock pulse. Math Rock - Prog Rock - Art Rock, these words are usually used to describe our music but we prefer Instrumental Rock.

Of course our work is often more complex than basic rock, but it always sounds natural. We never search for complexity. These structures, rhythms, melodies are inspired by by Rock and Progressive Rock, but also Western Asia/Eastern Europe sounds as well as contemporary new music.

In 2002 the band was Frédéric on guitar, Julien Vecchié also on guitar, Stéphane Bertrand on bass and Volodia Brice on Drums. Since then, Yang released only three albums. A Complex Nature in 2004 with this first line-up, Machines in 2010 with Laurent James on guitar and Nico Gomez on bass, and The Failure of Words in 2017 with the same line-up. The rarity of our releases is mainly due to the fact that we leave far from each other, from the south of France to Germany. The two first albums have been recorded very fast, as we wanted to preserve the energy of a live performance.

“The Failure of Words” is a touchstone in Yang’s evolution. This album, unlike the others, aims no more to sound like in live situation but is a musical process itself. The idea behind the project was to express the inability, as human beings, to really communicate, always experiencing conflict, disharmony and delusion. Only art and love are able to convey our deepest feelings and ideas.

The fourth album "Designed for Disaster" will be released on February 25th 2022 on Cuneiform Records. Some interesting changes will surprise our listeners.


Frédéric L’Épée : Founder of Yang, previously founder of bands Shylock (70’s– 2 releases CBS - Musea) and Philharmonie (90’s - 5 releases Cuneiform Records). Studied composition, orchestration, harmony and counterpoint at the Nice conservatory, awarded 1st price of composition (1988). He teaches guitar, harmony and composition in Paris and Berlin.
  - guitar

Volodia Brice : Studied classical percussion  instruments, then drums at Institut des Arts Rythmiques, Paris. As a drummer on the last Philharmonie line up he played on their last CD “The Last Word” on Cuneiform Records.
 He has been the 1st drummer of the band Lord of Mushrooms.
  - drums

Nico Gomez : Studied bass at Berklee College of Music.  Then settled in London where he plays and records with Björk, Roy Hargrove, Steve Williamson, and Snowboy.
  - bass

  Laurent James : Studied guitar with Frédéric L’Épée, obtained a license of musicology at the Nice University then leaved to the Berklee College of Music. Back from Boston, he studied harmony, composition and orchestration at Nice conservatory.
Founder of the band Lord of Mushrooms.
  - guitar